Corporate Finance

Amicus offers corporate finance services and includes:

New investments proposals for new ventures and assisting them in finding investors for the project.

Refinancing proposals for business in finding new loans or negotiation of new financing terms.

Presentation to investors and financial institutions.

Financing and debt calculations and control.

Valuations including corporate valuations, real estate valuations, portfolio valuations and set-up of valuations modelling.

Cash flow analysis.

Risk analysis including future cash flow analysis, debt calculations, sector and country risk analysis.


Amicus offers advisory services on business plans. During the making of the business plans, we make sure to identify the opportunities in such business for clients and develop solutions to meet goals. During this process we also analyse business requirements, planning and operating forecast.

Our services include:

Financial Planning. This involves the evaluation of the business´s assets and liabilities, core business of the company versus cash flow of the company.

Market & Industry Analysis. This includes using data from main industry multiples and market analysis of which the business is operating in.

Business Modelling. This involves using data and programs to build business modelling from start with the aim of making it user friendly for the client.

Competitor Analysis. While taking into account the dynamics of the business environment, we also focus on the resources available for the business in terms of management strategy to ensure ongoing of the business.

Risk Analysis. During our risk assessment, we take identify the threats and its probability in having impact on the business and providing the appropriate measures and protection needed to minimize such risk.

Cash Flow Projections. Analysing of short term and long term cash flow, considering equity needs and at the same time estimation of borrowing requirements and debt repayment ability.

Balance Sheet. Our balance sheet analysis includes an in-depth look into the assets and liability side and how the business can better utilize its assets to run the business and meet both short term and long term obligations.

Operations Plan. We take a look into the daily operations of the company with the aim of finding out the decision making process taken at management level and its impact on the operations of the company.


Security evaluation for private personnel and service for high level of security.


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